Together with the Client’s appointed Project Manager, JMS designed, developed and oversaw a works scheme allowing for the redevelopment of a pair of terraced houses in central London to provide a single residence with large basement and loft rooms.

With an ingenious method of piling, underpinning and concrete frame, JMS developed the scheme allowing construction of the basement at the same time as the superstructure whilst maintaining stability of the two adjacent properties at all times. The requirement for the inclusion of a concrete spiral stair case, no access to the rear of the site and a narrow access road all had to be taken in to account resulting in a successful project, delivered on time.

Key points

  • Concrete framed superstructure for enhanced sound reduction between floors

  • Large basement with minimal structural supports allowing freedom of internal fitout

  • Temporary piling to new ground flor slab to allow superstructure works to proceed before basement construction started reducing overall construction time by approximately 12 weeks

  • Minimal disturbance to neighbouring properties

  • Basement construction extending to under existing Party Walls to maximise internal space

  • Insitu concrete allowed large spans, curved walls and flexibility of space